Hi! My name is Catrina, and I love being a mom. But it wasn’t always that way. It was a long, lonely road, and it took a lot of work and dedication to find joy, passion, and purpose in motherhood. In talking to other mothers, I have learned that many, if not most mothers have passed through a similar situation, but we have not wanted to talk about it.

Thanks to my amazing husband and two beautiful children, I have learned to passionately love motherhood. That doesn’t mean that I love every minute of it, but I love the fulfillment it gives me, and the amazing lessons that I learn from my smallest angels. This generation really is so special! Because my heart is so full, I feel the desire to help other mothers to also find joy and passion in parenting, and I feel like the best way to do this is for all of us to learn from each other.

While working on this project, I have the opportunity to talk to many other moms and hear their inspiring stories. The amazing thing about this is that each and every one of their stories changes me. I go into each conversation not knowing what to expect, but knowing that because I am talking to a mother about her sacred calling here on earth, that that conversation would bring me a little closer to heaven.  

These mothers give me strength, motivation, and inspiration to move on and make the best of this gift that I have been given. They give me a glimpse into a part of their world that I never would have guessed existed. They help me value my place in motherhood, and feel a little more compassion and love for other mothers who are in this with me. My hope is that they will change you as well, and inspire you to share your own story. 

My dream is to help mothers who may be struggling to find strength and value in what they are doing and create a network of amazing women who can lean on and learn from one another along the way. Mothers are amazing, strong, powerful forces for good. I would love for us to put the same societal value on mothers as we do on amazing, strong, powerful CEO’s of the world. I believe that by coming together, we can make this change happen. 

Photo by Brittni B Photography