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I Love Being Off Social Media - With Shannan Bowman

I Love Being Off Social Media - With Shannan Bowman

For day 4 of the Social Media Challenge, I have asked my friend, Shannan (who may look familiar) to share her experience with being off of social media completely.

You can watch the video over on my IGTV, but I am putting the highlights here, because they are important.

“It got to the point where I would get mad my kids for talking to me when I was on Instagram.”

Rising to the Challenge

Shannan has been off of social media since June 2018. She decided to go off of social media when Russell M. Nelson challenged the youth of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to go off of social media for 7 days.

What Happened?

At about day 3 of the challenge, she really started to notice how much she used to check social media. She says it was eye-opening to realize how much of her time was truly wasted on her phone.

At day 6-7 She realized that she did not need social media anymore, and there were a few other things she realized:

  • Her battery on her phone lasted longer

  • She was happier

  • Her kids were happier

  • She was focusing more on them and on herself

At day 10, as she was preparing to get back on social media the next day, something very unexpected happened. It was about 8:30 pm, and she started having an anxiety attack about getting back on social media. She started to worry about what she would have missed out on, and about how she was going to be able to scroll through and make sure that she caught up on everything that had happened online without her. She obviously knew this was not a normal behavior, so she knew social media was not a positive influence in her life.

“It was such an eye opener for me that I actually got on, and I deleted my account.”

She went in and deleted her account, and she has never looked back.

Shannan - Social Media Challenge

How has this affected her?

She has been off of social media for 8 months, and the benefits that she has had from it are surprising!

  • Their family finances have gotten better

  • She is happier

  • She has struggled with body issues all her life, and that no longer matters to her

  • She is no longer constantly comparing herself anymore

  • She has learned more about herself

  • She is much happier with herself and with her family

  • She is able to have real conversations with friends

Some of us may fear going off of social media, because we do not want to lose our connection with our friends and family. She mentions that while she does miss seeing pictures of people’s families on social media, she has re-learned the art of reaching out.

“If I want to contact someone, I will call them. I actually have full-on conversations now.”

Does this speak to you?

While going off of social media completely may not be the answer for everyone, if anything in here speaks to you, it might be good to reconsider your use of social media.

“Social media can be very positive if you choose to use it in a positive way.”

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