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Mother's Day Might Not Be The Best Day Ever

Mother's Day Might Not Be The Best Day Ever

People tend to have a love/hate relationship with Mother’s Day. Sometimes it is unmet expectations, other times it the pain that one feels when there is a void in their life that is enhanced on a day like today. Whatever it is for you today, I want you to know that I think you are amazing and fabulous, and that I see you.

I used to say that all I wanted for mother’s day was to be able to sleep in, have a clean house, and have my kids not fight. But without fail, I would wake up before 6 am to the sound of my children fighting in the middle of a giant mess… and my day would be ruined. “Why?!?” I would complain to myself. “Why, on today of all days! How dare they ruin my day like this? Don’t they love me enough to give me this one thing?”

Today was no different. Before 6am, they had already come into my room 3 times. My son was born without a quiet voice, so there was no way I was sleeping through that. The kitchen floor is covered in something sticky that I don’t want to think about. The living room looks like a confetti bomb went off, and my kids have already had 3 arguments that I know of. But today that did not bother me. Today I have loved every single minute of it.

Let me tell you why… The situation had not changed. In fact, it may have gotten a little bit worse. The only difference today was my perspective.

Today I heard my kids open the door for the first time around 5:30. Last year Catrina would have thought, “Ugh! Just leave me alone! All I want to do is sleep!” This year I threw those feelings aside and I noticed the excitement in their voices, and I realized that they wanted to show me how much they love me so badly that they just could not wait. The anticipation was killing them. Instead of disrespect, I saw love.

As I walked on my sticky kitchen floor, I noticed the pieces of fruit strewn around the counters and floor and saw the hard work on dedication as they made a breakfast of love for me, with less than efficient tools (for safety). Instead of a mess, I saw love.

As I looked around the living room I realized that behind the mess there were weeks and weeks worth of in-progress coupon books, covered pencils, tiny cutout hearts, and a new favorite this year: a “compliment book”. Instead of a mess, I saw my children giving up their favorite things every day for the past month to make these projects for me. Instead of a disaster, I saw love.

As the children argued, I looked past the annoying fighting sounds and realized that even in there, I saw love. The excitement for celebrating me was creating a level of anticipation that was overshadowing their ability to be nice as they attempted to execute their beautiful morning.

The day is still young, but I am looking forward to today. People may not say the right things today at church. The house will probably get messier. I will probably still have to do chores, and my husband may not always say the right things, I may have to get the kids ready for church by myself… But I am positive that I can still see the magic underneath it all.

Whatever your expectations were for today, I want to invite you to forget about them. Forget about the thoughtful husband, perfect children, and clean house. Forget about sleeping in and fancy meals, and everyone saying the right thing. Forget about everything you wanted for today, and focus on everything that you have. Instead of getting frustrated at the failed dreams, try to look just a little bit farther. What you see may surprise you.

The Perfect Mother For Such a Time as This

The Perfect Mother For Such a Time as This