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Motherhood is Like Potty Training

Motherhood is Like Potty Training

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As Catrina mentioned in last weeks fun Friday post, we aren’t food bloggers or chefs and are creating memories more so than recipes, which don’t get me wrong, I love a new recipe, but today I’d like to share quite the messy memory that relates so well to Motherhood in my humble opinion.

A few months ago, I finally buckled down and decided it was time to potty train my now three year old daughter. Truth be told, this little girl of mine is wise beyond her years and was ready to be potty trained probably at 18 months. But with just having had my 4th child, I was overwhelmed, tired, trying to figure our new “normal'“ (still trying to figure that our FYI!) and the last thing on my mind was potty training.

So fast forward a year and it being summer time, her 3 year birthday approaching, and another new baby on the way, it was time.

I started out how I potty trained my two oldest kids. New undies, new treats, excitement all around. Only this little girl was too smart for her own good. She enjoyed picking out her new undies, treats, and loved the hype we all gave her about being a big girl and going potty on the big potty but… I kid you not, she totally knew the how to rig the system.

Day one wasn’t bad. Only a few mishaps. Day two, maybe a little more mishaps than day one, lots of laundry, but treats nonetheless (this girl can more skittles in her mouth than a hamster!). We eventually had to resort to princess chapsticks to keep her hyped up about the potty (another messy memory for another day). Then there was day three… the bomb dropped. “I not go on the potty never again mommy. never again!” I’d ask why, she’d only reply with the word “cause” or “don’t want to”. So we battled this out for another week. There were days I’d get so frustrated I’d want to quit and just give up all together. There were days she’d want to quit and rebel (I’ll spare you the oh so lovely details) but then there were amazing days where all went smoothly and we were both oh so happy and proud of each other! Finally, after about a week and a half, I’m the proud mother of another potty trained child!

I was talking with Catrina about potty training and how it related so well to motherhood and that I wanted to write this post about it. Sometimes motherhood is smooth sailing and all put together. Kids fed, dressed, bathed, happy, getting along, and you think you’re super woman and nothing can stop you. Then the bomb drops. There’s laundry everywhere, kids fighting, food smeared who knows where ( is that chocolate, or poop, chocolate or poop??!) who can name that movie?!) that you want to throw your hands up in the air and give up.

The point I’m trying to make in relation to potty training and motherhood, is that no matter how messy it gets, how many accidents you have, or how many times you want to throw in the towel, give up and just quit all together, if you stick with it and keep moving forward, even if it’s two steps forward and one step back, you’re still going forward and the pay off at the end is so worth it. Motherhood is messy. Motherhood is rewarding. You cry, you laugh, you get angry, you get happy.

I tell my husband all the time that I can go from being so incredibly upset at something our kids have done and then within seconds can change to wanting to cry from sheer love from something else they’ve done. We all struggle one way or another. But I promise you, like potty training, as messy and frustrating as it is, when the lightbulb turns on, it’s all worth it in the end.



P.s. The reason I say I could’ve and probably should’ve potty trained my daughter at 18 months is… the older she got the more aware she became with reasoning and bargaining. (I swear this kid is gonna be a doctor or lawyer or some genius). She knew that going potty on the potty took time and effort and stopping what she whatever she was doing, which she didn’t want to do. We’re just glad we stuck with it and didn’t give up. Had we given up, she would’ve known we’d stop again.

Stay tuned for more funny moments and definite messy memories in the life of my children!

the payoff is worth it
motherhood is messy motherhood is rewarding
Motherhood is like potty training
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