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Raising her children after her mother passed away can be lonely and difficult, but Keilani relies on the lessons learned from her angel mother to help her be the best mother she can be.


“When I should have been feeling my world fall around me as all the plans I had made and hopes I had vanished, I felt peace. I had the strength to continue through the exam and think clearly enough to ask all the questions I needed to process the situation.”


The entire world opened up to her. She had the power to have all the happiness that was available to her. She only had to choose to take control of her life.  


Nuestra influencia para estos niños deja un fundamento para los hombres y mujeres que llegaran a ser. Es nuestra responsabilidad asegurar de que tienen las herramientas para ser felices, responsables y respetuosos.


Your purpose as a mother changes and evolves as time goes on. Some stages are blissful and amazing. Other stages are a little less exciting. Other stages are just plain hard.